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Sao Miguel, Azores

Casa de S. Bras,São Brás Sao Miguel Azores
Where our Azores vacation home is located

Sao Bras is a small town, located on the northern part of the island.  It is easily accessible to many local attractions such as   Lagoa  de S. Bras and the “Tea Factories“ of Gorreana  and Porto Formoso (within walking distance).  The nearest beach is just 3km away (Praia dos Moinhos).

Furnas, a town known for its hot springs, is just ten minutes away, providing golf, beautiful gardens and restaurants.  Vila Franca is another town (20 minutes away) featuring many attractions such as a fishing port, several beaches and a water park.  It is likely best-known for the Ilheu, a small island just off the coast.  Ribeira Grande, the second-largest city on the island, offers shopping, natural swimming pools and historical architecture.

Also close by is Lagoa do Fogo, a crater-lake with beautiful vistas.  While you’re there, be sure not to miss Caldeira Vellha.  Beside one of the oldest hot springs on the island, you’ll find a natural waterfall heated by the same geothermal energy that powers much of the island.

Ponta Delgada the capitol of the island is just 20km away.

Restaurant & Bus stop less than 50m, Bank : 1 km / 2850 ft, Hospital : 12 km, Pharmacy  2 km / 5700 ft, Supermarket 100m.

"Our lives haven't been the same since we came to the Azores. When we travel to other destinations we make the mistake of comparing them to St. Michael... There is no comparison; St. Michael is the greatest."
Jan and John